Acanthus Boracay Hotel Resort is located at the very Southern end of Boracay Beach, you probably have not come across Acanthus Resort. It’s the last resort on this end of Boracay Island heading to Lorenzo Grand Villas Boracay Resort.

As you ride the banca to Boracay Island, you will even have a hard time spotting Acanthus Boracay Hotel on the shore. Its thatched roofing and cinnamon-toned, three-story structure blend with the green environment. Abaca ropes cordon its own beachfront, where big white umbrellas shade lounging chairs facing the Sulu Sea. An inviting hammock nestles between two tall coconut trees in the middle of the space. Fat, stone-carved goldfish guard the entrance.

Rooms / Accommodation:

Acanthus Boracay Beach Resort offers the following accommodations, six (6) luxurious suites, all with king size beds situated directly facing Boracay Beach, each room offering a breathtaking view of the ocean.
Acanthus Boracay Resort suites are luxuriously furnished inside and out, with spacious terraces where you can take your breakfast. The fully furnished living area includes Audio CD's and DVD movies.
Acanthus Boracay Hotel master bathroom suite offers a Jacuzzi, and a double vanity, perfect for couples. A large fridge in the kitchen with microwave, and water boiler is also available.
The open shower stall has a marble platform and is unique for having a flooring of dark, smooth river stones. Showering on shifting stones takes some getting used to, still, standing on a bed of stones is a new, and pleasurable experience.


Acanthus Boracay Beach Resort does not offer a Restaurant, although breakfast is included with you stay.

Acanthus Boracay offers a breakfast with a basket of bread; jam and butter in small, earthen containers; a big omelet wheel filling the entire plate; and pineapple and mango juice heavy with pulp.


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Acanthus Boracay Beach Resort offers an extremely nice beach front, with no obstructions to foil your view.Acanthus Boracay Beach front is wide and very private, with a spacious area to carry out a favorite Boracay Activity, Beach Volleyball.

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