Blue Lilly Villa is located between Boat Station 1 and the famous Willie’s Rock, they are on the quiet stretch of White Beach, away from the crowds, yet close enough to walk on the beach to restaurants, bars, and shopping. Location is everything when you are on your well-deserved holiday and we know it does not get any better than this! They have two rooms downstairs with patios and outdoor seating. There are two upstairs rooms with balcony seating. These two rooms can be joined or used in conjunction with the loft room to provide accommodations for up to 10 people. It is a quiet and intimate atmosphere. With only five unique rooms, it is exclusive, with no crowds to avoid and no large number of tourists using the facilities. You will receive very warm and attentive service from our outstanding hand-picked and gracious staff. You will feel at home as soon as you arrive.

The Location: A few steps from your door and you have powder white sand between your toes and the surf lapping the shore. When it comes to location, it does not get any better…

- At Blue Lilly Villa , we offer a quiet atmosphere. You will feel it is your home away from home.
- Just relax…while they handpicked staff take care of everything that you require.
- Their garden is your garden, enjoy new friends – Boracay style.

Their 5 unique rooms are simple and stylish with a relaxed beach feel, clean and simple. A few steps and you’re on the sand.

Getting here:
Once you arrived at Caticlan, take a passenger boat across to Boracay. Get off at Boat Station One and get your feet wet. Walk north towards Willie’s Rock. Porters will help you with your luggage and direct you to the Blue Lilly Villa. Arriving by boat and wading ashore is a very refreshing way to arrive anywhere. This is a very real “I’ve arrived on the beach” feel and it’s very cool.
Getting around on Boracay – Once at the Blue Lilly Villa, you will probably walk everywhere as most places are within walking distance. Another way of seeing the island is by boat. These boats vary from small sail boats called paraws or motorized boats called bancas.
They can take you island hopping or out to a dive or snorkelling spot. Another great destination by boat is the original Puka shell beach on Boracay.

52 good reasons why Boracay should not be missed – 52 pesos to the dollar give you extreme buying power. Everything is inexpensive from your family meal to the simple beer to the beautiful clothes and furniture. You will enjoy your shopping experience as vendors speak English as a result of the close relationship with the USA for half a century. Basketball is the national sport and be prepared for Filipinos to know more about the NBA than you do!
The warm, friendly spirit of the Filipino culture is famous worldwide. At the Blue Lilly Villa and on Boracay, you will experience days full of smiles and gentle service. From the day you arrive until the day you leave, you will feel at home … all day, everyday!

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