Hey Jude Boracay Hotel Resort

It used to be that one would have to leave their Boracay Hotel to go to the famous Hey Jude Bar & Bistro. Hey Jude did one better and brought the resort to you. With Hey Jude Boracay Hotel, Boracay Beach, Philippines will be really exceptional.
Hey Jude Bar and Bistro has served for many years of some of the most memorable parties and events every held on Boracay Island. Hey Jude Bistro is located in the most happening section of Boracay Beach with a excellent view of the beach and the ocean. Behind the restaurant is Boracay De Mall which is home of over 50+ beachside stores where one could shop all day for many souvenirs.
Hey Jude Boracay is also home of the first "LIVE" Beach Camera which can be viewed real time at www.boracaylive.com - Boracay Beach Live 24 Hours A Day.

Hey Jude Boracay Hotel has always been famous for its innovativeness and service and they from the bar to their resort.
The party never has to end at this Stylish Boracay Hotel, giving you unbeatable comfort and luxury at a very pleasing price, with the bar just a stone's throw away!

Hey Jude Boracay is surrounded by a beautiful tropical beach setting, Hey Jude Hotel Resort rooms are perfect for relaxation from the noise and pollution of city life. The resort is just 1 min. walk through the mall to the Boracay Sand of Boracay Beach. The convenience of Hey Jude Bar and Bistro gives you not only a prime beach location with equipment, but the resort service can be extended to serve you in your dinning and drink needs throughout your vacation.

Hey Jude Resort Hotel Rooms:
All room categories are Deluxe Only

24-Hour standby generator power supplyHey Jude Hotel Resort - Deluxe room


*Two (2) Double beds
*Hot & cold rain showers
*Cable television
*Room safe

Hotel Facilities & Services:
-Island hopping, Scuba diving, Snorkelling, Kite boarding, Windsurfing, Yoga, Spa/Massage

Location Map - Boracay Map

Boracay Island is the hottest tourist spot in Asia and 1-2 kilometers by boat from Panay Island. Boracay is consist of the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak. Boracay Beach whose local name is White Sands Beach is by far the best spot on the island. White Sands Beach is divided into 3 sections which are referred to as Boat Stations. Boat Stations are refferred to as Boat Station 1, Boat Station 2, and Boat Station 3. Hey Jude Boracay Hotel is located between Boat Station 1 and 2 in Central Boracay Island. The resort itself is just a simple 1 min. walk through the mall into the resorts private compound.

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