Sunshine Place Boracay Resort is located at the beachfront of Boat Station 2, on Boracay Island. Sunshine Place Boracay Resort is owned and managed personally by Melba de la Cruz, so you can expect excellent service with a homey atmosphere.

Quiet and homey, Sunshine Place offers budget accommodation near the beach. Interestingly, the bungalow-type rooms are named after suites on passenger liners, such as "Diana" and "Agatha," on which the owner's son has worked as a seaman. Rooms are basic and functional, but offer good value for money. One is air-conditioned; the rest are furnished with electric fans. For adventurers on a budget or those not overly concerned about the accouterments of higher living, this could be the accommodation of choice.


Sunshine Place Boracay Resort is situated on the Boracay White Beach Path, this small Boracay hotel (more of an inn, really) offers accommodations that are simply furnished, with air conditioning in some & fans in others.

Number Of Rooms:

  • 7 - Air-conditioned rooms each room has hot & cold shower, private bath.


Sunshine Place Boracay Resort offers no restaurant, however breakfast is available and served in a small dinning area.


Sunshine Place Boracay Resort lies within easy walking distance—to Boracay Beach, market, Boracay tourist center and so on. Special rates for long stays may be arranged. The management is very accommodating towards guests' requirements or requests.

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